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Workers Compensation Case: Elderly Injury

In this particular workers compensation case an elderly woman was injured at her place of employement. After she completed treatment and returned to work, her insurance carrier contacted the woman and claimed they had overpaid and she, the victim, owed the company money. The woman called us to review the matter and her benefits, and… Continue Reading

Workers Compensation: Back Injury of a Health Professional

A certified nursing aide sustained a serious low-back injury attempting to lift an elderly patient from a chair with the assistance of a coworker in this workers compensation case. We successfully argued that the injury was related to work and not primarily the result of previous degeneration or injury. As a result, the worker received medical… Continue Reading

Workers Compensation: Repetitive-Use Micro Trauma

This particular workers compensation case involved an aircraft assembly worker developed carpal tunnel injuries and repetitive damage to both of his elbows and shoulders after performing repetitive activities in cramped quarters and in awkward positions over the course of his employment. We successfully demonstrated that the prevailing factor behind his injuries were his work activities,… Continue Reading